Individual Cow Mattress Pads

The problem with continuous mattress pads is that if part of the system is damaged, it is difficult to repair, otherwise you are faced with replacing the whole cover or system. Furthermore, some tie stall designs have rails that don't allow for a continuous mattress system without holes that affect the integrity of the system. Our cow mattress pads provide the flexibility of individual mats, while providing the full padding and comfort of a continuous mattress system.

Cow mattress
Cow mattresses for tie stalls
Cow mattress in free stalls

Supreme Comfort Cow Mattress

These revolutionary cow mattresses combine the ruggedness and durability of rubber mats, with the supreme comfort of a mattress. The soft 1/2" foam core is completely enclosed with solid 1/2" thick revulcanized rubber on the top and bottom of the pad. The sides feature 4" x 1-1/2" of solid rubber to ensure the foam is kept dry and clean. The center of the mat is slightly raised to ensure fluids do not pool on the mats.

Each mat is custom sized to fit your stalls. Unlike continuous mattress systems, these mats work perfectly in both free stalls and tie stalls.

Unmatched durability, the ultimate in cow comfort and perfectly functional; the Supreme Comfort Cow Mattress is the industry's leading solution. As every cattle farmer knows, a healthy and comfortable cow is a productive cow. Let our supreme comfort cow mattresses keep your cows healthy and comfortable.

  • 1/2" solid revulcanized rubber top and bottom
  • Resilient 1/2" foam core provides the ultimate in comfort
  • Raised center allows fluids to drain off
  • Diamond pattern traction surface
  • Works in both free stalls and tie stalls
  • Custom sized to fit your free stall or tie stall
  • Will not harbour mold or bacteria
  • 5 year limited warranty